Voice update, general reflection & Theresa May

Good news! My voice is coming back. If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I’ve lost my voice for the last 9 months. That led to me finishing doing my radio show but I am almost back to normal vocally. So, what am I up to now then? My main priority is my health. But I am doing various creative things for the internet – from sketch writing to making topical graphics (see below), from videos to writing blog posts. My aim is just to try things out and put the best things online for you to enjoy. I think that it’s best to stick to creating things at home for now so I can do things in small chunks.

Here’s my latest graphic:

Theresa May's cabinet

The idea was that my fake cabinet would get progressively more ridiculous; comedy is all about surprise, and I felt that surprise was lacking in some of my recent graphics. If I were to do this again, I would try to make sure the very best joke is right at the end of the list.

I have been reflecting recently on how to find my unique ‘voice’. I don’t mean my literal voice but what makes me, well, me. I have concluded that I should aim to reflect the person I am in ‘real life’ through my work. So, my voice is:

  1. Topical comedy, particularly about politics – I did politics briefly at University and have loved topical comedy growing up – I think this comes across already
  2. Health problems – Maybe I could champion some of my conditions that doctors and scientists don’t know much about? I will work on this
  3. Compassion – I try to show compassion for others and I need to think about how I reflect this more in my work. I think I’ll come back to showing this in my work once I’ve done number 2.

That’s certainly given me food for thought!

Until next time,

Laurence x