1. I was born on 20th December 1993. Because of Christmas being so close, I usually celebrated my birthday twice whilst growing up – once in December and once in May. This meant no one ever really knew when my birthday was.
  2. I lived in Surrey in a place called Shepperton (the home of Shepperton Studios) until the age of 8, before moving to Norfolk.
  3. I started presenting radio shows aged 11. My first taster of radio came on a temporary station that ran for one week a year and I co-hosted a show there. I first contacted the station manager of Future Radio aged 13 with my programme format. They were impressed and, after hearing a pilot show, offered me a weekly slot. I was the youngest presenter aged 13 when Future Radio launched in August 2007 (the photo of me that age is still up in the office!)
  4. For some odd reason, in 2008 I bought a didgeridoo
  5. I used to do some freelance writing
  6. My brother has TWO Blue Peter badges. Yes, two Blue Peter Badges
  7. I got A*AA in my a-levels
  8. I’m quite short
  9. I have a lot of health problems at the moment
  10. I’m a vegetarian (my dad’s a chef though!!)


My interest in radio first started during a summer holiday when I was 9 or 10. I started to pretend to be a radio presenter at home – I know, very sad. A family friend ran a radio station for two weeks a year at an event. It could only be picked up in a small area though. It was obviously a brave move to accept an 11-year-old onto the training course and then on to the air, co-presenting a show, in 2005 and again in 2006. I also got involved doing the cleaning and picking some of the music!

When that station finished, I heard that a new community radio station was to launch in Norwich. I heard about it whilst taking a course on how to make a podcast. In late 2006, I sent off a programme format and covering letter, and was invited in to record a demo. Future Radio offered me the chance to do a show on a Tuesday evenings from when the station launched full-time in 2007.

I fell in love with the idea of doing this every day. I love the idea that I could brighten someone’s day up and I liked the idea of doing it on the radio because it’s very ‘intimate’ – it feels like you’re talking to just one person. I dedicated myself to learning my craft – experimenting with ideas and learning through courses, books and finding some mentors. I have also been involved with the station’s social media marketing, web design, audio production and helping out at events. Some of the favourite things I’ve done on air include pretending to be a town crier (with Norwich’s real deputy town crier), holding a protest about Christmas starting in the shops too early, writing a version of the Lords Prayer for video game addicts called ‘The Gamers’ Prayer’ and much more. I’ve also enjoyed interviewing a range of people and talking about the music.

One key moment so far was in 2008. Absolute Radio in London had seen a newspaper article about my radio show and offered me the chance to go on their Breakfast Show twice to talk about my own show. I also recently went up to London to a ‘demo day’ at Absolute Radio/Bauer Media’s HQ and got some encouraging feedback on my demo.

In September 2013, I left Future Radio to go to University elsewhere in the country. Unfortunately, I fell ill and came back home and back to Future Radio quite quickly. I started back doing the Monday ‘Afternoon Session’ between 2 and 3 pm. In 2015 I was promoted to Drivetime on a Tuesday. I had been regularly covering Drivetime for about 6 years beforehand but school and college commitments had always got in the way of doing it regularly. I had to stop the ‘drivetime’ show after a few months because of my health problems and will be back on air every Monday afternoon from September 2015. I have also started a fledgling writing career part-time from home, which you can find out more about here.



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