Goodbye Future Radio

I’ve decided to finish volunteering for Future Radio after presenting there since August 2007.

I’m not saying I’ll never be back* but just not for the foreseeable future. Just in case you’re not in the loop already, I lost my voice back in October and it’s not coming back quickly. Plus, I have lots of other health problems that have worsened and I need to focus on those.

I’ll use this site to talk about my creative hobbies, such as my writing. I think doing one radio show a week is too much work for me at the moment but maybe smaller ‘chunks’ of creativity will work.

I don’t want to make too much of a fuss over it (I’m really not that important) but I didn’t want to disappear without saying anything publicly.

Thanks if you’ve listened over the years x

*By saying that I do realise I sound like a politician who says “I’m not ruling anything out”