Dead air


If you follow me on twitter or ‘like’ my public Facebook page, you’ll know that I haven’t been on the radio for five weeks.

I have been recently diagnosed with a condition that has caused me to lose my voice. I have no idea when it will come back. It could be weeks. Or months.

I am going to have to re-train my voice and throw myself into some vocal exercises but at least I’m getting help.

Future Radio have kindly agreed to keep my slot open. However it means I won’t be on air for the foreseeable future.

I am devastated but also aware it could be much worse.

I will keep my Facebook and Twitter up-to-date and try to blog more often on this website. I can only manage to whisper a few words at a time so I need some kind of creative outlet!

I’ll let you know when my return to the airwaves will be…

Have a great Christmas and New Year,

Laurence x