I’ve been off from Future Radio for quite a few weeks now. My voice still isn’t back. But that’s given me time to work on a new project, and it’s especially for you if you’re into rock, indie or alternative music.

A lot of places have ‘hours’ on twitter when there’s a hashtag to talk about that place at a particular time each week. There are also hashtags for hobbies, so why don’t we have a #rockindiehour? So, that’s what I’m starting.

Here’s what you can post about:

  • Music news
  • New bands and artists
  • Track suggestions
  • Favourite decades
  • Favourite gigs
  • ….and anything else

The first one will be Thursday, 19th November 2015 between 8 and 9 PM (GMT). It will be every Thursday at that time from then on.

I’ve started an account on twitter to promote the hashtag. Would you mind doing me a favour by  following it, as not many people are yet?

The hashtag is #rockindiehour:

I would really love it if you could tell one friend about this and encourage them to join in – that would be awesome!

Speak soon,