Lost voice & freshly trodden ground

Hello internet adventurer!

I’ve lost my voice and it’s looking like I won’t be on air this Monday on Future Radio. But I can still write a blog post. My life is a little bit like a silent movie at the moment; I can whisper a few words but it’s mostly sign language. Loosing your voice is rather nasty but imagine not being able to speak at all or very little all the time…. you must feel trapped inside your own body.

I’m writing this blog post to tell you about a new side-project from me! It’s going to be a little online ‘radio show’ where I review new music (rock and indie etc.). I love combining my rather odd sense of humour with great music on Future Radio, so doing something more music-focused is a bit outside my comfort zone. I’m certainly no music expert, just a music fan (hopefully like you).

For boring copyright reasons, it will only be available through mixcloud.com. It’ll be called freshly trodden ground. The show will evolve, I think. Sometimes there will be guests to review songs, both from new bands but also the latest tracks from familiar names. And I’d LOVE your input on the music – what you think of what I play & what you’re listening to. Over time I want it to become a little club. You can contact me through Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve made the logo in photoshop myself:


If you have a Mixcloud account, please follow the show here:

I don’t know when it will launch yet. I just need my voice to come back.