NEW MUSIC: Muse – Mercy

MuseDronesCoverMuse’s seventh studio album Drones is released in a couple of weeks on June 8th and it’s due to loose some of the electronic music and orchestral music that Muse have experimented with over recent years. They’ve just released a track called Mercy.

After the heavier song Psycho, it contains light and shade – and it works. For some reason, the backing track reminds me of The Killers, particularly the piano part in the introduction. I also like the drum part; it has a simple beat that suits the song well. It’s not often I like a song on first play but I do with this one.

After the song Psycho, this is slightly less mad. However, it does repeatedly talk about “men in cloaks” – who are they?! And also contains the lyric: “We’re going under hypnotised / By another puppeteer”. I think we can forgive them a little bit of madness.

Overall: 8/10