Show business 26/01/2015: Burns night baloney


Hope you’re fine and dandy!

In the words of Churchill, “I shall play to music for the offices, I shall spread joy to the self-employed, I shall play music and spread joy in the cars and in the streets, I shall never surrender”. When shall I do that? Monday 2-3pm! OK, I think I’ve over-hyped the show now. Whoops.

This week…

    • The story of the worst possible place my phone ever went off – at a wedding! Plus, what songs would inappropriate to be your ringtone if your phone happens to go off at wedding? Like this…

  • Burns night baloney (a word that should be used more often): The secret diary of haggis! And your requests for Scottish bands please!
  • And the next part of my ongoing serial Laurence vs Future Radio where I challenge another presenter. Last week I lost to Dave so how will I get on when I play against Dean Tucker from The Breakfast Show?

When: Monday 26th January 2-3pm
Where: Future Radio

How to listen:

  • On your radio, find 107.8 FM (Norwich city centre and surrounding areas only)
  • Online here

Laurence Scott x