Show business 19/01/2015: Laurence vs Future Radio

iPhone App Development ChallengesHello!

How are you? I was off last week because of being ill so I’m looking forward to hopefully being back this Monday from 2pm on Future Radio.

This week:

  • Fancy a silly game? I’ve invented a game I’ll be inviting you to play! I’m nice like that. Change a word in a song title to Norwich. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Norwich! The Rolling Stones – (I can’t get no) Norwich!
  • The battle starts on Laurence vs Future Radio. Every week (for the next few weeks) someone from another show on the station will take part in a challenge. It’ll always be something relevant to their show. So this week Dave, from Norwich Today/Norwich Weekly, will challenge me to a game where we have to answer each other’s questions with the answer to the question before. It’s all because Norwich Today is about interviews!

When: Monday 19th January 2-3pm

How to listen: 107.8 FM (Norwich City Centre) or listen online anywhere

The Afternoon Session – so-called because it’s in the afternoon!

Laurence x